Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create beautiful logo packages for your brand.
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Tried this for some random brands. Ended up with a disconnected bunch of vector illustrations stuck to meaningless typefaces. These are not logos, they're just....stuff.
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@andreasduess I apologize if you didn't like the logos. We have a feedback loop in place that takes care of this. Since we just launched a week ago, there are some logos that users don't usually like.This is by no means perfect right now but it'll get better with time. We already have 118 logos that users have ranked using the "like" and "dislike" buttons. We'll soon be using all this data to create better logos.
Hey folks - founder of DesignwithAI here. Just wanted to clarify a couple of things here. - We are by no means trying to replace designers. This is a tool that will help startup founders get decent logos at an affordable price. We don't claim that our logos are better than professional designers. We also believe that our product can be used to generate ideas for logos. - We are not just a logo design company. The thought process behind naming the company "Design with AI" was the inclusion of every design item in our product. We are working on adding T-shirt designs driven by AI, business cards, brand posters, and a lot more. Our end goal is a suite of tools that will let anyone design anything entirely using Artificial Intelligence.  - What you see is not all. We are different from other companies in terms of what we're working on and what we already have. Almost every part of our website is AI driven and we are trying to add more automation. The colors you see, the icons and fonts, everything is selected or created by an AI engine that we developed. Moreover, we are working on several deep learning models that will generate icons, logos, and brand identities from scratch. We are excited to be working on a lot of things and would love your feedback to improve our product. Please use our product and help us improve it by providing feedback. Your comments are invaluable for us and we really appreciate them. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. Keep them coming!
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I just went through the process of creating a logo on the platform and thought it was a seamless experience! Since I'm not a designer, the idea of having an AI create a few good options just for me is pretty appealing. Nice work @ihydershykh! One piece of feedback - the category experience was a little confusing for me. The AI suggested 4 categories - but the area with all the other categories listed took a while to load so I thought I didn't have a way to add / change categories. When I typed one into the search bar, nothing happened so I felt confused and just clicked Next.
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@angela_jeffrey Thanks for your feedback and I am trying my best to improve UI/UX of our website.
This is pretty cool stuff @ihydershykh. Just went through the website and created a few logos for random brands. I really liked them. You say that you're working on AI based icon generation, I would love to see the results when that feature is live.
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@faizannahmad Thanks for the appreciation, really appreciate it.