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🥇DesignValley is a curated depository for designers/design enthusiasts that exhibits the hottest design tools/resources.
You're able to discover, vote and share your favourite design resources.
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Hey again makers 👋 Today, after working on it for the past few months I'm launching DesignValley. 🍾 DesignValley is a curated collection of remarkable design apps and resources. The whole project started as a Github file that stored some useful design tools. Slowly, but steadily, this list was getting richer and richer. That's when I decided to create a community-based and interactive application to showcase it and let people participate by voting and sharing these goodies. Feel free to share your feedback and recommendation as DesignValley is still shaping Have fun 👩‍🎨
@draptis good job! 💪🏽
@graeme_fulton thanks a ton, man 😊
This is sneak peek of DesignValley tools 👇
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Great product! How about adding on the gradients list? Congrats Jim!
@francomaldonado Hey Franco, thank you so much for your support! Of course, Gradient Hunt looks great!
Looks really good. Congrats man.
@gauthamzzz Thanks for your support 😇 Hope to help you find some useful tools
Looks interesting!
@alisa_smelkova I'm so glad you liked it 😅