Designlab Talent

Hire top-notch designers for freelance or full-time roles

Designlab Talent is an easy way to get plugged into a global network of top-notch jr. and sr. designers. It's a product built on top of Designlab, our online platform for UI/UX/product design training, where vetted students work with world-class designers who mentor them through rigorous coursework. Find your next designer today!

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Tayler Freund
Builder, Designer, Gardener
Nice job Designlab ! still a huge fan of the concept and approach. Will be looking to hiring a junior from you all!
Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
How does one sign up to be a freelancer on the platform?
Shreyaa Ratra
Making B2B sales easy via
Awesome product :) Congratulations for the launch. Few thoughts if you are doing B2B sales : a) Target companies who have recently raised funding. Funding >> Money >> UI >> Hire Designer >> Designlab Talent b) Target companies who are hiring for designer. Since they are hiring, it means they have the need for designer and might want to use your platform to hire right talent.