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#3 Product of the DayNovember 26, 2014
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Hi everyone! I'm one of the Designlab co-founders, feel free to ask us anything. We're excited about building this platform to teach creative skills online — there's a growing gap between what college preps you for & the industry skills you need, and more of us are becoming "makers" than ever before. We set up a PH exclusive discount that you can use to enroll yourself or any team members, just use this link for $50 off:
@hv23 Thanks for sharing this, Harish! I would imagine that a every student joins with a different level of skillset and goals, e.g. one person may be way better in typography than another. How do you take these into consideration? And is there a similar discount code for the UX track?
@alirtariq Hey Ali, good Q! One of the (many) benefits of working with a mentor is that they can tailor the projects, resources, and guidance based on your existing background & skills — we do a "skills assessment" at the start of the course to gauge that. One of our goals is to eventually create tailored learning pathways for each student based on their background & ideal outcomes (e.g. "I'm an art/graphic design major, help me eventually become a UX designer at Google", or "I'm a PM, I want to do X, Y, and Z"). This can't really happen with education today, which is more or less one-size-fits-all. UX discount code: Enjoy!
Let's say you want to create your own product. You know how to make it work, you know how to communicate about it... but let's talk about design. Imagine a place where you can get advices and discuss the design of your product with experts from Dropbox or Twitter. Learn how to make its experience better. Learn how to make it look appealing. Designlab is this place :)
DesignLab works with mentorships, each student gets a mentor to get personal feedback. I'm one of the mentors there and I can honestly say that it is very rewarding for the students and the mentors. Great product
This is amazing! I have been doing UX/UI in-depth for the last year now, and I've always believed that the experience of designing is the ultimate teacher. That, and having some cool mentors around who can give you pointers. AKA Designlab.
@narekk Haha, thanks! Yup, no better way to learn these skills than through directed practice with the right projects, combined w/ bits of theory & actionable feedback. Ultimately, we think a huge part of the experience comes down to the mentoring — most features we build are to enhance the mentor-student relationship, and we’ve been lucky to have a really talented group of mentors join the platform :) Sidenote: the best group of power-users you could possibly have on your site is a bunch of great designers. The feature requests we get are incredibly on-point! 🙌
Founders are super smart. Love the vision of this product.