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Hey everyone, I just wrote the second edition of Designing Web Applications. If you build web apps, this book will teach you how to delight your users. Topics covered include: - Designing great on-boarding processes - How to use wireframing to design a better user experience - How to properly design destructive actions (delete, etc) - Designing usable forms - And a lot more. I wrote the book for: - Developers who know that design is important, but don't know where to start. - Designers who know their way around a design tool, but don't know what makes a good user experience. - Project managers who want to be able to make valuable contributions to their product, but don't aren't trained as designers or developers. - And anyone else who works at a software company and wants to know how to better delight their users. There's also an exclusive discount (20% off) today. I'd love to know what you think.
@nathanbarry Love the landing site. Well executed (but there are a few things I would tweak). Buying the book tonight.
This looks awesome, Nathan!
Congrats, looks great!
Even if you aren't a designer, take 5 minutes and go study his sales page. Good work Nathan!
This is awesome Nathan - great work sharing your expertise and empowering folks! Any reason you're encouraging the use of Photoshop instead of something more light-weight, like Sketch?
@tmyknze It's so much more powerful. Sketch is great for simple stuff, but Photoshop is still used by the vast majority of the industry.