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Hey I'm Gene one of the founders of Designfeed, we're still in beta but added a link for you guys to create beta accounts to give Designfeed a spin. Love to hear any feedback you guys have.
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@foundnyc Looking forward to an Android version coming soon? Maybe?
@foundnyc Hi Gene looks great! The link takes us to the normal sign in page not the beta account creation.
@andrewkfoust Hey Andy here's a direct link to create your beta account
@foundnyc the link redirects to Then it says nice to see you again and you can't sign up, only sign in. Sorry to be a pain!
@foundnyc Hello, I think your product is top notch standard! I have an idea for an application for your excellent product.. Please regard the following feedback for reference if your interests and circumstances permit!: The idea is for you to pursue partner with Youtube/LinkedIn/Medium to integrate your product into their corresponding platforms.. As your product generates content in a desirable manner applicable for when choosing a Display Picture for your Media on YT/LI/Medium and it should be utilized in a manner as a "prompt step" in the process of posting media on the aforementioned platforms! I hope this feedback was beneficial for you to read! Thank you. Jaswinder Brar
I have used and pay for the premium versions of BeFunky and PicMonkey and Canva for Work (and Paco by Buffer -- or whatever it is called now). These dudes at @designfeed are absolutely incredible. Their product delivers the best auto-generated design styling of any platform in the space. That's a HUGE differentiator. Anyone can throw words on an image. That's tired and old. What @designfeed does differently is handle the details (like shadowed font or buttons for Pinterest) with grace and elegance. It allows teams who value beauty to create art worth sharing -- at a few pushes of a button.
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OMG! We're on ProductHunt! Thanks @melissamontee for lighting a fire under our butts to share Designfeed with the world. We hope you love Designfeed as much as we do. Help us shake things up by putting the power to create gorgeous content into the hands of everyone.
@savoyer Haha Sorry for "stealing your thunder". I guess that's what happens when you make a great product that people are excited to share ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿผ
Holy moly! Where have you been all my life?! LOVE THIS!!!!
This. Having a solution that would allow our marketers to make their own content rather than coming to me for these things for design would be awesome. One question about font selection though, are you able to change/choose the fonts that are used? It wasn't initially obvious from the little play around I had
@benwilsondesign Currently we don't, but thought I'd share some of our thinking around this. Most apps like this try turn users into a designer, our goal is let our users be the creative director instead. If you don't like it send it back in seconds we'll come back with 10 more for you to choose from. But for designers like yourself we are testing letting you create your own brand kits for your clients, where you can customize your experience with your own fonts and branding.
@foundnyc This is exactly what I would love to have! Is there a timeline for this?
@benwilsondesign If you have a client in mind you'd like to test this on, message me in the app using the "?" And we can set you up a couple template for you to play around with.