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What is DesignerJar?

DesignerJar let employers look for design talent — and it will order matching designers’ profiles, completely randomly and transparently.

As a designer, all you have to do is to sign up and post a basic set of relevant information. Moreover, you can post your portfolio website, your Behance or your Dribbble, even your LinkedIn if you wish.

As an employer who is looking to hire a designer, all you have to do is to sign up, and filter designers with your requirements. You’ll select the designers that match your requirements and you like their work, and e-mail them. And you are done.

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AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
What problem within designer recruitment does your platform solve? @_andrewch Also, is it still pre launch or can people start using it? Page just directs to sign ups, signing up just sends an email...
Andrew chMaker@_andrewch · Designer. Currently at @avocarrot.
Hey there @abadesi Designerjar will take the employer needs, and match them with available designers. Those available designers will be sorted completely randomly. And that's one of the main value propositions. In order to be easily discoverable as a designer, you'll probably need lots of followers in websites like Dribbble, Behance, You-name-it. We want to offer a platform where you don't need to have followers. That's why we go with the random sorting. Now, the page redirects to a landing page where you can sign up for early access for Designerjar.
Jeff Osborn@jeff_osborn · Owner, work/ethic
Is the video supposed to have sound? I get nothing
Andrew chMaker@_andrewch · Designer. Currently at @avocarrot.
@jeff_osborn Nope, it isn't. It's muted by.. definition :D
Jeff Osborn@jeff_osborn · Owner, work/ethic
@_andrewch Thanks! It's hard to see what's going on with the screen capture. Music or narration would help the vid out. Without either ppl are likely to tap out right away
Andrew chMaker@_andrewch · Designer. Currently at @avocarrot.
@jeff_osborn Solid point - thanks for your input. We'll upload some shots of how this will work over the following days at so you can stay tuned.
Sumit HegdePro@sumit_designs · Design Lead @Spocket
@_andrewch Love the idea! I think a platform like this that allows employers to hire designers based on their skills, experience and portfolio instead of the number of followers, is much needed. As a Designer my question is, what is your plan to get employers onto the platform? It wouldn't be very helpful if this has hundreds of designers competing for a handful of jobs.
Andrew chMaker@_andrewch · Designer. Currently at @avocarrot.
@sumit_designs Thanks for your comment! That's true. This platform wouldn't make sense without employers. But once you have hundreds of designers - the value proposition for the employers is straight-forward: Send a mass mail to a set of designers that 100% meet your needs. We are focused on scaling the designers-part first and after that, scaling the work opportunities will be the sole focus.