Retro prompt generator for whiteboard design practice

Generate randomized prompts for design interview practice and get faster at solving design problems out loud. Get a partner, set a timer, and practice!

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Hey everybody! We created Designercize to help designers improve whiteboarding, interviewing, and design thinking skills. AMA!
@jakeflem Can you explain why the prompts are so ridiculous? I get that they're entertaining, but how do they help young designer's improve their skills?
@rklusas I'd love to explain! The prompts range from realistic to ridiculous for a few reasons: 1. As a designer, getting out of your comfort zone is crucial to personal and professional growth. Weird problems don't have an obvious answer, and that's the point! They force you to consider different questions and come up with more creative solutions. 2. It's a great way to prep for designer interviews. You're now pretty likely to encounter a crazy whiteboard challenge while interviewing, so you might as well be prepared. 3. If you can design a solution for a seemingly impossible problem, then a straightforward one should be no big deal. Hope that answers your question!
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Whiteboarding practice is the fastest way to level up design skills, and this definitely makes it a lot easier to improve, fast. Love the interface!
Ummm, this is amazing!! I need all the whiteboarding practice I can get.
@lauralynnz LL, you are a master of whiteboarding I'm sure of it.
Totally brilliant. Can't wait to put it to work. Any plans to extend designercize to other design disciplines?
@kylewaynebenson You read our minds! We definitely think other disciplines could benefit from a similar format! One of our inspirations was from which is kind of the same idea but for type design. We have plans to have some functionality in the future that would allow you to switch between "modes" like "product design", "graphic design", "type design", etc... If you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them!

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