Designer Slack Communities

A collection of Slack communities for designers

A curated collection of Slack communities for designers around the world.
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Hello, PH community! I'm excited to show you the Designer Slack Communities. As the name suggests, it's a collection of Slack communities for designers. I recently attended Remote Design Week organized by DesignX. It was such a wonderful conference. I got connected with so many designers and introduced to many Slack communities. In the sprint of remote design, I decided to create this website to collect all the Slack designer communities I can find. I hope this can help my fellow designer friends to connect with designers around the world. Maybe that will help you cope with the current situation. Take care of yourself, everybody.
@lucky13820 Hey hey, there we are! (I started San Diego Digital Designers, May I ask how you found us? And what it means that we're "vetted" on your site? Thanks for having us!
@cozysd Hi Lee, I found you guys on By "vetted", I mean visitors need to fill out some sort of form to join the Slack. "Public" group means visitors can sign up for the Slack group directly from a link. "Vetted" may not be the right word. Do you have any suggestions?
@lucky13820 Hi Ryan, ah, right on. Thanks for helping spread the good word! "Vetted"… makes sense now that you explain it. I can't think of a better word for that, though I get the feeling there is one. Maybe a tooltip on hover, in the meantime?
@lucky13820 "Open" vs "Apply"? (or "Application")? Hmm.
@cozysd Yeah, "Apply" might makes more sense.
Congrats on the launch Ryan - a useful list!
@shylands Heh and nice to see the only comment on this product is from someone else I respect so much. For posterity, Steven's product Lowdown ( is fantastic for squeezing more juice out of your Slack-based community.
@shylands Thank you Steven.