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A place to find and follow awesome designers, connect friends, hunt freelancers for your projects. Inspired by

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Because of the name of the site, I was expecting a product-hunt-esque site for finding designers. Instead it's just a list of people curated by the creators of this site? Not that interesting or unique. Doesn't lend well to finding people outside of certain design bubbles and networks...
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@jacksondame @mattjsilverman I kinda have to agree with Jackson. This is a list of designers who are very active on Twitter for the most part, and are in circles that promote themselves actively. I mean the fact that 95% of the list is white and asian is telling, and I'm betting most live in NYC (hallo neighbors) or SF.
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It’s mostly men and mostly a rip off of other sites that actually have a purpose and this is why we can’t have nice things. Also pls remove me from your list thing I 100% do not endorse this level of socially-oblivious copying and would like to not be associated in any way.
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@scott_riley I think there is valid criticism to be had of this list, but this kind of response is entirely inappropriate and laying blame on the person who linked it is absurd. This kind of comment is why we can't have healthy conversations about issues like this.
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A bit ironic that the first site created by Pablo Stanley was made with a purpose of openness and inclusivity, this feels more like a closed club for well-established SF-designers.


The UI is pretty cool. A good resource for finding designers.


Would be cool if it highlighted the previous sites that this is a copy of and was more transparent on the selection process.

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This looks very similar to and — was this inspired by those projects? Would like to see a shout-out!
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@jason_crabtree_ Absolute YES. They're amazing websites, and I learn from them a lot.
Yah... Don't like it. So many other designers that are better. Plus. I don't think you got permission from each designer.
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