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Katherine Faulkner — Designd
Thanks for Hunting us Ria!

Hi Hunters! I’m Katherine, first-time founder, and creator of Designd.

We’ve partnered with brands and retailers from around the world, to gather the best designer furniture in one place. You can follow your favorites, be the first to know, buy and list items that you like, and discover great pieces that you’ll love.

With the holidays coming up I hope it’ll save you some time kitting out your place, or finding gifts for family and friends.

Let me know what you think!
Gareth Wilson — Marketing at Fog Creek Software
@kat_faulkner Perfect timing! I've just moved into a new house, this looks like it will save me a ton of time scouring the net in search of nice furniture for it. Thanks.
Katherine Faulkner — Designd
@_gw thanks for liking my site Gareth!
Ramesh Padala — Maker of & yogatailor
@kat_faulkner @riaface for some reason lotsa friends are moving into new homes. this is timely! BTW, check out our hunt today
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