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I do like these models and really think that there is a future in them. As people become more remote, project-based, sites that are set up like this could be really interesting. It's not without its challenges though of course, and there is some competition in the space of course I'd love to hear the story behind this !
@bentossell Definitely! I think Design Inc and Crew are doing a great job and their products are really beautiful. I'd say our competitive advantage is our emphasis on in-house management. We believe in closed networks, as in, less choice and decision-making on the consumer side, but huge capabilities through the global network. Each designer is paired with a project manager to let the designer design and the PM handle all the payment, timeline details, scope etc! We see a huge opportunity in being a service that uses critical thinking and planning along with mere design execution.
Hey there! I'm not part of DesignCue (it might even be in direct concurrence with what I'm doing as a designer currently) but it seems to be a really cool solution for businesses to get a direct quote and good designers to answer their design needs.
Hello all! Major thanks to @syswarren for hunting DesignCue. Six months ago I started DesignCue to make design really easy for startups. At that time, it was just me designing for Atlanta-based clients testing this new model. Originally, I was inspired by doing my taxes -- I filed through TaxFyle, a service with a pool of CPAs across the US ready todo your taxes through their iPhone app. It was such a delightful experience, I started asking, "Can this be done with design?" At that time, I was unaware of anyone doing this, I had to bring it into the world. My initial concerns were, how do we ensure quality when using designers spread across the US, or the globe? DesignCue is where I've landed on this concept. We use really talented designers based across the US. The designers either have their own studio or work design jobs at places like @google and @getaround. On weekends and nights, we're able to offer startups with lower budgets access to really great design talent. With our quick-turnarounds, we're usually able to pay designers at their typical rate. Since launching 6 months ago, here's what has changed: - top designers who have worked with Disney, Google, etc - brand new aesthetic and web expereince - integrated instant quote machine - focus on landing pages, websites, and web apps only Our immediate mission is to really own web experiences, making DesignCue the easiest place in the world to get quality web design. Our lofty goal is to make all kinds of design really easy to access while maintaining super high quality and pairing designers with project managers to ensure success. Work is changing, we hope to be one of forerunners ushering in a new age of on-demand design - providing constant work for designers and invaluable resources to startups! This is round 2, everyday is an iteration! I hope you enjoy it!
@prestonattebery I have a project for which I need this service. Where can I reach you directly?
@jojithumma Feel free to reach me at
Interesting approach to try and package up the pricing of digital design. I do think many companies will like the transparency and predictability. On the flip side, I can't think of many requirements I've had that would fit into one of these buckets and be compelling to me at that price point. Perhaps the landing page option, as a step up from DIY on squarespace etc. Other projects such as web apps will likely be more nuanced in requirements and less easy to pigeon hole. Perhaps the package price is just a conversation starter.
@guesto Chris, I think you're hitting on it. Packaged solutions are really hard, but for the client, it sets the bar of expectation. No doubt, the price will fluctuate, but a client can be sure to get mobile views, icons, illustrations, UI styles, and at least 5 bespoke web page designs with a package. If they need more, that can always be added on later. For some clients a packaged solution is all they need, for others, a more customized solution is necessary. At that point, it is a convo starter!