Visual inspiration bookmark tool within your Dropbox

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@tastemeru · designer, freelance
Hello Producthunt, http://designbase.us is a simple visual inspiration bookmark tool and my second design side project (http://uideo.net was the first). The difference between Designbase and the other tools is that it is free and stores your inspiration library within your Dropbox. I’m not trying revolutionize the field or “make the world a better place”, I… See more
César Cardoso
Just what I needed. I already add the workflow of sending inspiration visuals to a dropbox folder, to share it with my team, but with the whole process complexity of having print screens, saving images, copying to the exact folder, etc, it kinda died. So when I saw this I knew it was the perfect solution. I would only add an extra feature: the ability to add… See more
@yungskeeter · developer
Brilliant thanks!
Damián Hernández
@thedamianhdez · Product designer at @PonsGroup
Inspiration Bookmark + Dropbox = This. As a designer I'm always saving images for moodboards, inspiration and references. This comes in handy!
Ren Wang
@aaronwong57 · Architecture Student
Great! I've always wanted a scrapbook that could save locally as files. If in the future you can add the function of renaming when saving, it will be even better : )