Design Triggers

Pull the trigger on product design decisions

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From their site: "Design Triggers comprise a collection of common psychological motivators, cognitive biases, and behavior patterns, you can use to plan entire workflows." This is similar to the popular Cognitive Lode and Mental Notes. Nice find, @charlieirish!
I love this for 3 reasons: 1. Knowledge of psychological triggers largely helps any and all parts of a startup's lifecycle, but I love that it's design-centered. 2. It's categorized by goals and triggers. While the trigger part is brilliant by itself, more goal oriented people would appreciate the "goals" tab. 3. There are examples. That's the best part. Nothing helps people understand a principle like showing them how it's been applied. Bookmarked. Will show this to every designer I meet. :)
Thanks @rrhoover for the shoutout! Glad you're loving it @V4Violetta and for passing this around. :) We'd love to hear more feedback on how designers are using triggers, so we can make the resource better.