Design Systems for Developers

Learn how to develop a design system with Storybook.

#5 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2019
Check out the new Learn Storybook Design Systems for Developers guide. This multi-chapter guide teaches UI engineers how to develop design systems from scratch using Storybook.
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m excited to share the latest Learn Storybook guide, Design Systems for Developers, with you all. This guide gives you everything you need to know to set up a fool-proof design system with Storybook. We at InVision partnered with Chroma (the team that helps maintain Storybook) to create smart, in-depth content like this for all our developer friends—so you can build even better products. Check it out!
Hi folks and thanks Clark! I coauthored the guide with @tmeasday. We help maintain Storybook, a popular open source tool for creating design systems. Earlier this year we set out to build a design system for Storybook's 800 code contributors. Yes, a design system for a tool that builds design systems. While figuring out what and how to build, we realized that information about this area of frontend infrastructure was scarce. Even though there's plenty of guidance on design systems for designers, developers like us still had to spelunk through code to see how things worked. Fortunately as Storybook maintainers, we were in an ideal position to research tools and techniques from the countless design systems built in Storybook. This free 9 chapter guide walks through best practices we found to make it easy for frontend devs and technical-minded designers to follow in our footsteps. Hope this gives you a headstart on building your own design system from scratch!
Great stuff guys 👍
As a product designer whose just digging back into dev work again after a long absence this is great! Can’t wait to dig I.
Finally a Design Systems guide aimed at frontend devs!