Design Sprint Kits

A pre-assembled kit for GV design sprints.

Design Sprint Kits are for startups to start prototyping using the Google Ventures design sprint framework out of the box. The design sprint kit includes everything you need to run a five day design sprint. All you need to do is schedule with your team! Simplify product design and iterate in five days!

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This is my first Product Hunt item and it just so happens to be my own. Would love your input and support as we develop this pre-assembled design sprint kit! Would you use it?
@dantasman Looks interesting. Why don't you sell the refill pack on Amazon as well? For me, it has a limited use case since our office management does a stationary order approx. every two weeks. I can just order by sending them a list of things I would like to be included in the next order and usually don't have to get anyone's budget permission. If I was to order the kit on Amazon, I'd have to get approval for the expense or claim it back in the end. To be more specific: This is advertised/marketed to Product Managers but the purchases might be made by someone else (office management or similar). Have you thought about this already? I'd love to hear your view! :) On a side note: I understand that everyone wants to have good reviews on Amazon but you might want to ask a friend to review it honestly rather than giving yourself a 5 star rating and thanking yourself for stocking it (with the same profile picture on PH and Amazon).
@frederik_waller Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your specific and honest feedback! RE: Amazon — We just started listing the kits on Amazon last week and only had made a single type of kit (the Starter Kit on After getting some user feedback from design sprinters around NYC, it becomes obvious we should also carry a Refill Kit without the Time Timers. Short answer: you're on the same page as us! RE: Limited Use Case / Marketing to PMs — Totally correct. We are competing in a space where the target user is not the target consumer in many cases. We have some thoughts on how to accommodate this sort of thing in the future. For now, our target demographics are design sprint evangelists and office managers who want an easy solution to a long list of supplies in varied quantities. It's also really great for off site sprints, i.e. consultants or remote teams gathering together. Again, you're right on the money and happy to get more insights from you on this. RE: Good Reviews — Fair point. It's been a week and I'm happy to delete the review, I just wanted something to get us started. It's only been a week so, given that we've sold a few kits already, we are hoping that more reviews come in. I will come back to you and personally let you know when I take care of this! Serious about getting more feedback from you and thanks again for your support!
For something like this (I'm guessing you upcharge beyond me ordering all this individually), what are you offering besides time savings? I would encourage you to think of some other value add that makes for a better design sprint. It might make it more compelling to buy from you. Also, I would think about using higher quality Post-It notes. The plain yellow ones always fall off the wall after a long session! Looking forward to the next iteration, @dantasman!
Hi @kunalslab, thanks for leaving this comment! RE: Value Proposition — The time savings is a big sell. Another big value for Design Sprint Kits is the convenience of not having to figure out exact numbers for 5-7 participants because each of the items in the list are nonconforming to a design sprint. We believe (and are working on this as I type!) that our true value will be in providing dynamic design sprints that are turn key to the point that you simply find the right location and get the right people to show up! Always glad to hear from people who keep pushing for what could create even more value and a better overall design sprint. We're all ears as we continue to iterate! Please reach out as we grow. :) RE: Quality — We only use top shelf Post-It notes. Would love to hear from you, what do you use for your sprints? Color, size, brand?
should get commission from office depot or staples for each one sold ...