Design Roundup is a weekly roundup of the best design resources, a new issue is sent out and published every Sunday.

The site also features a collection of over 140 resources from Design Tools to Stock Photography and YouTube Channels.

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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 I’m Dan, the creator (and curator) of Design Roundup. 🤔 What is this? Design Roundup is a weekly newsletter and resource site, a new issue is sent out and published every Sunday. ✍️ Why create it? I started Design Roundup because, quite simply, I love a curated list, I love design and I love new things. I’ve been collecting design resources for years, however these were mostly kept in my bookmarks or shared on Twitter occasionally, Design Roundup is a way for me to continue to get excited about great new products and share them with you! 🙌 Bonus! I’ve also compiled a selection of 140 design resources, spread over 12 categories. I hope you enjoy the first roundup and resources, if you have any questions or feedback - please drop them in the comment below. ✌️
Really nice work Dan, instant subscribe from me! Looking forward to issue 2. 🙌
@jamiepeak Thank you, Jamie! Appreciate that, I hope you enjoy the next issue!
Instant subscribe, love this!
@ow Thanks, Owen! Really appreciate that, hope you enjoy it!
I hear that book is pretty good...
Awesome list Dan, bookmarked 😃
@webdevsuren Thank you, Suren! 🙌