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#3 Product of the DayNovember 17, 2014
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It's pretty fascinating how templatized everything is becoming. In this case, you answer a few questions to setup word associations for your brand, add a few keywords or concepts that are relevant (i.e. "bird", or "car"), and then the system spits out 5 different logo options, all mocked up in real environments — or on Tshirts or devices. In some ways my feature request would be to offer the ability to upload my own logo to see it presented in all these formats automatically. I know that there are Photoshop Actions to do this, but it's neat to be able to do it in the browser (and then, ideally, to share that with others).
Thanks @chrismessina! Our goal is to provide a solution for startup and small business owners who cannot afford professional design for their branding and marketing needs. Given the number of engagement channels with customers, across social networks and different device form factors, it's getting quite expensive and time consuming for a business to get branding and marketing assets - designs for a logo, website, stationery, social network page covers, and ads easily cost over a $1000, and significant time investment. We're building Design Rails to offer a fully automated online graphic design service, that enables anyone to get professional graphic design within minutes, at a fraction of the cost.
@ehudhal To be entirely honest, this tool doesn't even provide a viable alternative to Fiverr logo designs. I suggest you invest more resources into the quality of designs because they look (at best) outdated.
Update - we tripled the amount of servers, getting a much smoother ride now :) However still investigating some errors. Will update when it's solved.
Well, you killed it Messina/PH. ;-)
Ahh, the good old Hug of Death