Design Possum

Get a team of designers on retainer.

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I really like this kind of productized services. And as a strong believer in the importance of design, I think this could be a useful product. @scottytruong1 can you tell us more about your product? Why did you guys decide to create this offer?
@gregoiregilbert Thank you, Greg. Hi folks, I'm the founder of Design Possum. I've talked to many small business owners and startup founders. One of the problem they face in their businesses is that it's difficult to find good and reliable designers who could help with their everyday design tasks. And hiring an in-house designer is too expensive. That's why I started Design Possum. With Design Possum, you get a whole team of high-end designers to work for you 5 days a week. Our designers take care of all of your small design tasks: designing your logo, designing your landing page, creating feature images for your articles and blog posts, creating visual content for your social media, designing your banner ads, book covers, business cards, flyers, editing your existing images, etc... It's a privilege to be on Product Hunt. I would love to hear your feedback.
This looks amazing. Congrats on the launch!
Cool! Do you guys also do interface/ux design @scottytruong1?
@dereckbreuning Hi Dereck, thanks for your kind words. We haven't done any interface design job yet. We could try. But I do think maybe other designers who specialize in this area would do a better job for you.