Design Pickle

Unlimited graphic design services for flat monthly fee

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Russ Perry
Founder, Design Pickle
@hiimfloyd – This is a service based product stemming from 10+ years of agency work. I realized there was a huge need for small, fast and reliable design support that doesn't break the bank. Simply sign up, you get a dedicated email address and then request away! Right now we're limited to graphic design – so anything where the end product is a PNG, JPG or PDF. Our goal is reliable, fast and friendly service. @mikealonzo – exactly! We just did 75 memes last week. A bit mind numbing, but exactly how we see the service being used. We're really not here to replace a professional designer, just offload the work they don't want to do, or you don't want to pay $75/hr for, and let them focus on the larger strategic stuff.
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Artur Maklyarevsky
VisualSitemaps / Design2Dev /
@russperry you dont have FAQs.. and im sure there are at least 5 Q's that are always asked. here's one : how many projects can i get done for the basic package? "Unlimited requests" means i can ask for 1000 banners right? What's the limit in scope?
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$370 / mo / user? The design examples are really subpar. Love the concept, and the pricepoint would be justified for lots of businesses..but the work should be top notch. Its really really not. Are you getting supply side from agencies or individual designers? I'm sure new / small agencies would eat up the chance for steady work between big projects.
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Alex Panagis
Founder, ScaleMath
@nathan_maggard I was just thinking that too - definitely want to give it a try at some point to see what all the hype is about.
Mike AlonzoVP Product @
Love the idea. Great solution for small business to handle basic design tasks without the high cost of professional design. As a designer, I typically hate these tasks myself so win win!
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Floyd Miller
Head of Customer Experience, Albert
@designpickle: Want to give us a rundown?
I echo @mikealonzo. Looks like a great solution for small businesses. Nice concept.