Cofolios has come up with a new board that lists the best opportunities for design internships at prestigious startups and companies to help you build your career in design.

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Hey ProductHunt! I made a website to help you all find design internships. I used to manage a complicated spreadsheet of all the companies that I wanted to apply for, full of deadlines/openings/locations, etc. My friends also had the same struggles too, so I decided to make a website that made this process easier for everyone. I’ll update it as I see more companies open up their positions(adding agencies as well). If you have any suggestions/things you’d want to see added just let me know.
@hasque Seems to come in handy! 😃
Hey man, it's dope af that you've gone ahead built this for a straggling community of young smart folk because hell yes to give them that boost they crave! I do want to provide you my insight as a director of a smol, independent agency. We too thrive from these kids, and they bring home just as much experience from us (if not more so) if they attended a tech giant. However it's particularly difficult to garner the attention of enough curious souls to be able to form any kind of hiring decision, and any help we can get in that department is greatly appreciated. What I mean is: it's super exciting to provide the platform to the epic top 500 tech companies with their four-story Skittles slides, but also give attention to the quirky agencies that haven't yet quite made it to that list. We may not have slides, but we do have skittles! If anything, it'll provide the internee ample insight in one world and then the other. (Ask Ethelia 😉)
@davidwieland Thanks & definitely!!! I started Cofolios with top tech companies because it's always been one of my goals to work for one of them(this resource was originally an Evernote list for myself). Agencies will definitely be implemented in the future. However, the job board is open to agencies as well(still looking for agency design openings).
This is awesome!!! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Have you thought about putting this in an app? I would definitely use it!

I been looking for a simple design internship site as a college student but many sites are to complex. I’m glad this site exists and it helped me find a design interernship!


Super useful and nice design


Wished they added a location feature. Nothing to complain about!