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Hello again Product Hunt! We missed you :) We tried to sneak out 2.0 this week, good find Ben :) hahaha We have been pushing hard now for about 9 months building out a marketplace, failing, learning and iterating as fast as we can. Design Inc. 2.0 is a new model for us, and we would like to invite you to give it a try. Here''s how it works:
  1. 1.Tell us what you need and post your project for free.
  2. 2. Receive up to 5 proposals from our hand-curated design community. Designers pay a small fee to send a quote to you, so you know they are serious about working on your project.
  3. 3. Hire the right talentEvaluate proposals, portfolios, and skillsets, message and chat with the designers then hire the best fit for your project.
  4. Thats it! The transaction details are left to you and the Talent
Why do I need Design Inc.? The hand-curated group of creative folks on Design Inc. are quite diverse — we have all types of digital and graphic designers, but we also have writers, photographers and videographers — Here’s a non-exhaustive list of situations where you might want to use Design Inc.
  • I need a designer to help me design my mobile app including how the app works and what the app looks like.
  • I have a new business and I need a logo and a website. I need my website to look great on a mobile phone.
  • I need a designer to help with interaction and prototyping.
  • I need help editing my medium post.
  • I have a pitch deck that needs some design love to really make an impact.
  • I have some icons and illustrations that need to be done for our on boarding flow.
  • I need illustrations to help communicate what my product actually does.
  • I need a designer on an on-going basis to help my current team.
  • I would love to have a video explaining what our product or service does.
  • I need a photographer to shoot pics of my team or product.
  • I have a bunch of wire-frames, but need a designer to make these beautiful.
  • I need someone to create some awesome chalk typography or paint a killer mural in my office space.
  • I want to make some stickers, posters and t-shirts for my company.
  • I have hundreds of photos that need to be retouched.
  • I need my app or website totally redesigned from the ground up.
  • I’m working on a VR app and need a designer to help us out.
  • I need to find a design leader to help us establish design culture and create the right internal process to help designers thrive at our company.
  • I need an industrial designer to take my idea and make it a reality I need to just bounce some ideas off someone pretty much anything you can think of our designers have worked on a similar problem.
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@hemeon I've been intrigued with Design Inc since launch. What about the v1 marketplace didn't work? (I enjoy Undo btw!)
@hemeon Hey Marc, it is a great concept and I am always keen on marketplaces that enable people from different parts of the world to make things together. With engineering background, I started learning design since last year and went through a few design iterations with different designers. Some thoughts here: 1) I worked with two designers, one is the referral from a designer friend, the other is the referral from one of the engineers since they work together very well. Both of them are incredible but very different styles though. The endorsement from someone you trust is quite important. For example, if I get 5 quotes back, if one of them is recommended by my friend, the likelihood that I will go with that is much higher. 2) The transition from designer 1 to designer 2 took a bit time. I had to explain the business, branding, personas, everything before the 2nd designer could get started. More ever, similar to programming, everyone brings their own style and takes so they tend to change things to their likes even those change may not seem to be critical at one point. So this made me think: if I use one designer on DesignInc to start one project, I would prefer the same designer for future iterations and other related projects under the same product (such as pitch deck, illustration etc). How do you keep them on the platform? Overall, great concept!
@cmconsing Super great question Carl - we kept a lot from the first version like messaging, designer portfolios (mine is up at and you can even hire folks from their portfolios for set services like a logo or a pitch deck. Here is what we learned and this is why we made 2.0: - We had a lack of transactions, despite demand. - Transaction fees are hard to pull off when a transaction is made online, but the service is delivered offline. - High priced design services require a human to sell the service and interact with the user. For a successful transactions on our platform we were calling people on the phone or having hour long chats to close the deal - even for simple logo projects for a few grand. - Most customers cannot authorize transactions to hire labor - they need approval. - Due to the high dollar amount of our transactions, users were not willing to pay with credit card, asked to be invoiced - Design Services are wildly variable making them difficult to narrow and commoditize. Users scope never quite fit into the service buckets we defined. - Many users are ok with "good enough" design - in other words, if they have a limited budget then we found they reduced their quality expectation.
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@viviancromwell we have learned the core problem we need to solve is helping you find a great person to work with. If you find a designer through Design Inc. and then want to keep working with them for all your design work (pitch decks, illustrations etc.) then do it! We think it's weird to try and max out every dime and nickel and we don't really care about keeping a job or someone tied to a platform. Most designers are strong in one skillset, so we know you will eventually be back to Design Inc. to find someone else to augment your team in the future. If we can help you find a great person, then we have done our job. I will admit, We wanted to initially take care of the entire process of working with and hiring someone, and this is what we built at first - payments, portfolios, messaging and status updates. At the end of the day the core problem people had was simple - how can I find a designer to help me, so thats what the new 2.0 and the new focus is all about ;)
@hemeon hey marc, great insight. what you described would have been my initial take on the product as well. but users often have their own mindset how they want to use the product.
I've been keeping an eye on Design Inc since it first launched - for some reason I watched the whole stream of @hemeon looking at designers applications and what he liked/didn't like and whether they made it onto the platform! Since then one Medium post of his was awesome: How to make a logo, for free, in about 5 minutes. Also, Design Inc has had a makeover which I spotted at the start of the week, and more new awesome features added to the platform! I'll let @hemeon explain more
@bentossell @hemeon love Design Inc. Will be spending more of 2017 diving into everything. PS -
@bentossell thank you Ben! Design Inc. ❤️ Product Hunt
Design Inc is making major changes for designers!
@venturejakef thank you Jake! We are trying hard to add value to the design industry, while building a great company. This new feature set has been the result of many months of hard work. Trying various models and building out a lot of ideas. Everyone on the team did an amazing job at iterating fast and I hope our users and designers feel it 🙌
Excellent launch. Party on amigos.
On the platform, what is the most common project a client needs designed?
@joshua_ariza Hi Josh! Frankly we have seen pretty wide diversity so far, but we see lots of logos, marketing site designs. Thankfully we are seeing more product design type of projects come in where folks need throughtful user experience and visual design for their applications. We have seen a few long term contracts like "i need a designer for 20 hours a week for the next 4 monhts" and some very short term stuff like "put my logo on a transparent background" which lets a designer make $200 in 10 mins. We had some neat writing projects on the platform as well.