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Good day everyone! We are very excited to share Design Inc. with you today. Our broad mission is to bring great design to the world by making design easy to understand and obtain. We have launched with our first two design services - Logos, Brands and Visual Identity package and Design Critiques. We have many more design services on the roadmap, including services focused more around user experience and user interface design. Would love to answer any questions you may have.
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@hemeon congrats Marc..I love the fact that i could actually work with best designers in the world.. have applied for beta access...would love to start with the design critique...all the best and i look fwd!:-)
@hemeon Congrats on the launch Marc πŸš€
@hemeon Congrats on the launch, Marc! Hoping to get accepted soon and see how it compares to TopTal, Crew, Gigster, etc.
@hemeon Great work Marc. I'm a big fan of any company that comes in and provides healthy competition against Upwork. Keep it up! P.S. I applied as a designer.
Congrats on the launch @hemeon :)
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@kevinrose @hemeon awesome to see this I'm a big believer in these types of on-demand businesses. Nice to see a real focus on quality here. What is the vetting process of accepting designers? How many designers are there to hire on the platform already?
@bentossell @kevinrose Ben! thanks for your the questions - currently I lead portfolio reviews - we typically live stream them (in fact someone wrote about them here: we have had thousands of applicants so the reviews can be a bit brutal and fast. We dont talk about the number of designers on the platform but we have plenty to support a marketplace.
Love this model, @hemeon. It's often very useful to get new ideas from talented designers who don't have their heads in the weeds of the product or business already.
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@rrhoover Thank you Ryan! The Design Critiques have been especially insightful, even though they only last an hour, we have seen designers make a big impact through feedback around product strategy, navigation and general UX issues, helping to say "no" to bad ideas and features - I'm pretty sure some of these design crits have saved some product teams months of unnecessary engineering work, or at the very least provided an objective sounding board with no emotional ties to what has been designed or built thus far.
@hemeon interesting to see more talent moving toward a remote, freelance lifestyle. Gigster 3.0 has a similar model for engineers. Maybe you and @rogerdickey should partner up. πŸ€”
@rrhoover @rogerdickey you bet! Roger feel free to reach out - would love to chat!
Love this. Congrats on the launch @hemeon ... great resource for anyone looking to get top notch design eyes on their products
@mazzeo Thanks for the shoutout Matt! - excited to launch more services that provide a wider breadth of design services for startups and folks building digital products. You have been a wonderful sounding board and helpful advisor over the last year - thanks again for being so willing to give of your time.
There are very few people over the last 5 years that have helped me more to land solid clients and overall great design opportunities than @hemeon. He's a good dude and the perfect fit for a business like this and I am stoked to see the launch. Congrats Marc!
@brandwinnie Thanks for the kind words Brand! rock on!