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#1 Product of the DayMay 21, 2016
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After a few sleepless weeks I am excited to finally bring the full experience of design hunt to the web. You can now browse our curated feed, your collection, and post new items to design hunt using our chrome plugin. Can't wait to hear your feedback.
@talkaboutdesign the app is perfect for my morning design inspiration routine, looks amazing btw! Are you thinking about integrating other platforms like Dribble or maybe even BTW small idea for the UX: I like how the buttons move in from the bottom, but sometimes a would love to hide them. Maybe it's an idea to hide the buttons when you click on the image and to swipe to go back to the overview.
@jesse_de_boer Hey man thanks for the feedback! Dribbble is already integrated in the discover section of the app. Thats where the app pulls the most popular items from Dribbble for you to explore.
@talkaboutdesign really nice. Makes me wish I was a better designer 😉 thanks for creating and sharing!
@talkaboutdesign my mistake, I was just opening originals in the search and didn't even use discover yet, whoops!
@talkaboutdesign Great effort man, but I want to see if i can upload my own designs, its like i have only one option just to favorite any design and keep it my collections. Its just like buckets in dribbble. Is there any feature i am missing here? I like the overall concept but want to hear the purpose.
That's cool. Thanks!
Just scrolled through the feed and great job with finding some cool design - nice product! And very useful when searching for some visual inspiration
@love2golf thanks. Been waiting to bring it to the web. You should check out our mobile app as well.
Good job. Very usefull
Very useful. Thank you for making this :)