Design Hunt: Apple Watch

Daily tasks, tips, energizers and challenges for designers.

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Maksim Petriv
Founder of Design Hunt
I spent some time thinking about how to bring Design Hunt to Apple Watch. One of the first versions would just show you stats on what content you are liking, and so on. Then I realized that Apple Watch should extend functionality of your app. It should offer something unique to the users. I treat this app as an addition to the main one. While Design Hunt is all about inspiring creative content, this app is all about helping designers be more creative. Here is what I am doing on the Apple Watch: • Daily list of tasks, tips, energizers and challenges for all creatives • Unique content daily • Fun energizers to keep your creative mind going all day • Design tasks to help you sharpen your skills • Exciting challenges that will keep you on your toes
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Clark Valberg
CEO at
@talkaboutdesign thanks Max I've been waiting for this. Nice work!
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Awesome work on this page. The design community needed a product like this. Thanks Maksim for providing it!