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#4 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2016
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Version 3.0 has a lot of under the surface improvements, and public launch of our web product. On the surface we have added ability to see the colors used in each image, better image sharing ability, and ability to like content on the web when you are signed in. Chrome plugin now featuring ability to hunt images from the web by right clicking on them (previously in beta). Added new sources of inspiration in the mobile app including Fubiz, Designboom, etc. A few other things that are launching in the next few weeks: • Ability to create buckets for your likes • Public profile pages • Curated lists of content based on themes • Improved search + More
@talkaboutdesign Is the Apple Watch App back?
@marvinvista no. Didn't see any good numbers justifying a comeback.
@talkaboutdesign Thanks for creating (and continuing to improve) this fantastic resource. I love it; I check the iOS app daily, right after PH. 👍
@coryadair happy your enjoying it.
Tell us about the 3.0 updates @talkaboutdesign
Is this a marketplace for designers to showcase their work and general community to curate and for others to pick?
@sridhar_kondoji Personal Pinterest like board for designers with curates content thats surfaced to everyone.
One of my favourite apps. Love the changes. Keep up the great work Maksim