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I am so thrilled to finally release this huge update to the app. Over the last few months I've been working on making this into the best app I can. Hope you really enjoy it!
I liked more cleaner feed appearance when navigation bar would disappear while scrolling in previous version. But that's minor, keep up the good work!
@yurybur It still disappears. Bottom navigation bar stays.
Thank you for making it so much! That's the thing I've been looking for a long time)
What are the main differences between Design Hunt and Dribbble or Behance?
@johntheoak Dribbble and Behance are both networks for creatives to share their work. Design Hunt is focused on helping creatives find inspiration. We are not a showcase for personal work. Our mission is to deliver curated creative content to our users, and provide them with tools to find inspiration they need for their next project. Hope this helps explain it.
@talkaboutdesign hmm... but I get inspiration by browsing other people's work. How does the system knows what kind of content I want to see since it's curated?
@johntheoak Main section is curated. Discover and search are there for you to browse. Content on there is not curated, it feeds straight from those sources.
I like the ability to favorite items. It would be nice to be able to save favorites to lists. That way it would make it easier to reference in the future: • Identity • Illustration • Web • Apps • Posters
@stephenchip Working on exactly this! Look out for it in the next major update.
I am really enjoying this so far. Here are a few thoughts so far. - am I not able to add favorites without signing in to Twitter? That seems odd. - ability to add notes to favorites - many of the images seem very low res, is there a way to pull the higher zoomed in image? -
@ohheywhatsnew As far as signing up goes. Need to keep favorites in sync for users, don't know of any other way to do it without registering. Behance for example provides low-res images. I am working on sources with higher rez. Thanks for your feedback!