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Hi! Can you explain why you chose to build this as an iOS app instead of a website? I almost exclusively hunt for design resources and inspo on a desktop.
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@stttories I think thats a great question. Most of it is for selfish reasons. I like to read design related articles look at inspirations during my morning and evening commutes. It's something I enjoy doing. Typically I will share interesting finds to digest later. Mobile seemed like a great place to test out ideas. I am also learning iOS development at this moment in life and needed a project I can test my skills with. I am definitely thinking of bringing this to desktop later though. Thanks for the question.
After working on this for a few months, I am extremely excited to finally launch Design Hunt for iOS. My goal is simple, deliver the best content possible to creative individuals daily. We carefully collect, curate, and review all content before publishing. Picking the best content from all major content providers like Designer News, Product Hunt, Dribbble, Fast Co, Designspiration, etc. I will be around here all day to answer any of your questions. Thanks for all the support! - <3 Max
I want to give big props to @mengto for his iOS tutorials. It helped me greatly in making this app.
@mengto @talkaboutdesign Awesome that you used the tutorials to make this
@talkaboutdesign Wow, so great to see what designers do with the techniques taught and the Spring framework. Congrats on making #1 on Product Hunt. I haven't been able to yet. :)
Awesome Product. Waiting for a Website :)
@madgraphism thanks! Right now concentrating on next update. Including a companion app for Apple Watch.
This looks awesome, downloading now! :)
@bramk Thanks Bram. Hope you enjoy it. It's been a wild journey making it.