Design Home

Mobile game where you design rooms with furniture

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It reminds me of escapist games I would play as a kid, like the Sims. It's also kind of like looking at Airbnbs all day, which is something I sometimes do for fun when I'm planning a trip. I'm not surprised that gamifying this experience has hit home for other folks in their 20s-30s.
I played this "game" in real life using Havenly when I furnished my new place ~2 years ago.
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Check out the game on the App Store. It is currently #8 on the US App Store!
An interesting use case could be for hotels, where they actually set up the room as you configured it.
My 11 year old has spent more time in Design Home than I ever spent in the Sims. It’s second as far as MOU only to Roblox, and more than YouTube.