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“I know good design when I see it. I start every project thinking ‘this is going to look so slick & awesome’... and the results are just completely underwhelming”

Sound familiar? If so, Design Fundamentals is for you 💪

Design Fundamentals is a no-fluff course for developers to learn design principles.

  • Pros: 

    clear and step by step. Lots of case studies to see the process



    The course makes sense and Laura never makes you feel like you're dumb for not knowing the subject. My "design" eyes finally understand why most of the stuff I was creating were such an eye sore and I now know how to avoid this pain.

    Pascale Recher has used this product for one month.
  • Ken Rogers
    Ken RogersWeb Developer, Rocket Jones

    Super clear, practical, actionable, and relevant to my work



    Best design course I've ever taken. This is the first course that gave me actionable tips to improve my design skills. I went from knowing good design but only being able to create garbage, to being able to look at the garbage I just created and think, oh here's this, this, and this that I can make better. And then having an actual list of ideas that I could implement, and incrementally create a nice looking design that I'm proud of.

    Ken Rogers has used this product for one month.
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Laura Elizabeth
Laura ElizabethMaker@laurium · UI/UX Designer, Laurium Design
Hey all! Thanks so much to Justin for hunting Design Fundamentals. This course has been in the works for 3(!) years so I'm thrilled that it's finally released and in the wild. I made this course after spending years struggling with design. I went to design school for 5 years and came out with a myriad of great ideas... but no skills to actually make anything look decent. Eventually I started to grasp design. But it took far longer than it should have so I made this course to help teach people how designers *really* learn how to design — minus all the fluff and ponce. Would love to hear what you think — the course is particularly geared towards developers who want to build and launch their own side projects without needing to hire a designer. The goal is to not have you feel like design is the ONE thing that holds you back. Happy to answer any questions and thanks again to Justin for the kind words and support :-D
Laura Elizabeth
Laura ElizabethMaker@laurium · UI/UX Designer, Laurium Design
Oh and I forgot to mention - Product Hunters get 15% off until Sunday!
Val Geisler
Val Geisler@lovevalgeisler · email marketer, CX fixer
@laurium using RightMessage like a BOSS.
Brennan Dunn
Brennan Dunn@brennandunn · Co-Founder, RightMessage
Laura Elizabeth
Laura ElizabethMaker@laurium · UI/UX Designer, Laurium Design
@lovevalgeisler Heck yes!!
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonHunter@mijustin · ⚡️
This is one of the best courses I've taken. @laurium combines video + text + illustrations to help you avoid common design mistakes. My favorite section was "How to identify and fix problem areas," where she gives a practical tips on fixing problems in your web designs. Highly recommended!
Jakub Kujawski
Jakub Kujawski@jakubkujawski
@laurium @mijustin You forgot to mention that the content quality is really great. Which is super awesome as well.
Laura Elizabeth
Laura ElizabethMaker@laurium · UI/UX Designer, Laurium Design
@mijustin @jakubkujawski Thanks so much, both! Appreciate the support!
Jakub Kujawski
Jakub Kujawski@jakubkujawski
I always had problems with deciding what font to use. Now I know everything. PS. There's much more usable content :)
Fred Rivett
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
As a self-confessed design snob, I'm loving seeing top designers like Laura break down the nuts and bolts of her craft in such an accessible way. I'm stoked to see the impact she and folks like her make in the years to come and I'm recommending this to all my dev friends who need a helping hand to put out more than yet another default bootstrap site.
Adam Clark
Adam Clark@avclark · Founder of
You know how sometimes you buy a course and you start it and then you're like, "I can't listen to this person for five hours"...? Sometimes even if the content is great, the teaching skills or presentation are lacking and really hurt the process... This is *not* one of those courses. I found myself powering through the videos just because they were so enjoyable to watch. This is a great course, even if you consider yourself more of a designer than a developer. Really thoughtful and insightful lessons with easy wins that improve your designs immediately. It's hard to pick a favorite module because they are all so informative. But if I had to, I would go with module 5 on color and module 7 on polishing. Very highly recommended. And very worth your time.