Design for Founders

Learn to create unforgettable branding and addictive UX

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@ashocka18 what was your original motivation to write Design for Founders?
@katesegrin Honestly? When I work with clients on their design, they almost always lack the basic understanding of importance of design. I probably get an email a week from people with finished apps that want me to "make it pretty". Design should be a consideration from the very beginning. This book explores different ways founders can implement design themselves and gives examples on other businesses that do it. It will perhaps even expand the definition of design for some.
I love this book! Beautiful design and great tips. Major props, Heidi! (@ashocka18)
Just bought it. Congrats and good luck with the launch Heidi! ;)
@ailith thanks Silvio!
Great book, Heidi! It does a great job at introducing basic design/UX concepts with plenty of practical advice. I think a lot of people could find it useful, not just startup founders. The list of resources at the end was also really useful. Any plans for posting that somewhere online and updating it when necessary?
@ialja Hey Alja, thanks. We're actually planning to compile a huge list of tools and resources and release it in the form of a free directory for all to use. So you kind of read my mind there :) I'd suggest anyone who is interested in this to follow me on ProductHunt. And don't hesitate to send in links you'd like to see included!
One of the best books on the design I've ever read. I can't recommend it enough to my peers. Great job @ashocka18 !!!
@cleavatron Awesome! Thanks for the epic testimonial :)