Boost your confidence in presenting your craft on next Design Critique meeting by answering questions from Design Critique Coach website.
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"Hi Product Hunt, I’m Vova, maker of Design Critique Coach. 👋 I wouldn't become a designer without the community, so I keep giving back. ❓Do you feel uncomfortable presenting your work and answering questions at the Design Critique meetings? Let's work on that! ‍ 💡Here's how it works! Design Critique Coach poses you with random questions about your design decisions and preps you for the next Design Critique. Once your design is ready, try to answer the questions on this site in advance. These Q&A will help you prepare for any situation and will boost your confidence in presenting your craft to the world. 🤖 There isn't a more productive way to be better at what you do than practice and do adequate prep work. 🙏 I’d love to get some feedback, and I'm happy to answer questions!"

It shows different, professional approaches to your product and helps to improve it


it's very usefull


I think it already looks good

Congratulations! Great work 👏 Good luck to you!
@inna_sparrow Thank you ✌️