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Discover free design courses in your browser's new tab

It serves free online design courses in a new tab of the browser everyday. You can get updates on free online courses related to design tools, photoshop, web design, graphic design, logo design, UI, UX, design thinking, 3D animation, drawing, figma, sktech.
Hello Community, Design Courses is a place to discover free online design courses. New courses surface everyday on the site. Sometimes, these courses are free for a limited time and you have higher chances of missing them. This is a huge problem for many serious learners & designers who are consistently looking for new design course to learn new things in the design. Courses are created by different instructors on various online education providers and MOOCs. DesignCourses aggregates and filters them. With this chrome extension, we are making easy for our users to get updates of new courses as soon as they publish on the site. With this extension you can : - View new courses in the new tab. 📚 - Browse courses of different design topics directly. 👩‍💻 - Get notifications about new courses in the browser. 🔔 I am here for the whole day to listen to your feedback and suggestion about this extension.
@keyul Wow! This is going to be very useful because it's very common that people enroll for a course and miss the deadline. I think this tool will make learning efficient and quick. Also, it will save the time of searching for the right course. I loved the features. Looking forward for the notification from Design Courses. Highly recommended. Good job, makers!
@siddhi_desai Thank you for your feedback 🙌
Hi PH Community, On the journey of making learning resources available to all, QuickCode team have taken a step ahead with another product. This one is for Design Community. On click from a simple easy to use browser plugin, one can launch free and top courses for various technologies in the Design domain. Be it the most popular photoshop, Video courses, Wireframing, 3D, AutoCad, Maya or Zbrush among so many others. We'll be adding courses across the spectrum. Hoping that the existing Design community and new enthusiasts find it useful and efficient! Will be great to have feedback from the community for further enhancements! with Kind Regards Pankaj
Nice work! ;)
Very easy to use! Loved the range of courses guys!
@kritika_singh2 yeah including more new courses soon!
Any plans for safari version