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Hey there ProductHunt! 👋 🖌️ As a designer myself, I was getting overwhelmed with the amount of Design conferences out there. 📄 During my research I came across a Google Sheet, set up by @nunosans, that tracked all Design conferences in 2019. 📗 In order to get this amazing list out to even more people, I used Sheet2Site by @AndreyAzimov to convert it into a quick and dirty MVP in just one hour (which can still be viewed here: 🐦 That site suddenly got a lot of traction when @hemeon and a lot of other designers started sharing and talking about it on Twitter. 👨‍💻 After getting a lot of amazing feedback, I decided to build a custom version of this, that’s actually tailored for conferences and hopefully even more helpful for other designers. A couple of things that are now possible: - Filtering the list of all conferences by location (continent, country or city), date, price or duration - One featured conference per week, starting off with Epicurrence @dannpetty - Short descriptions for each conference, so you know what to expect (desktop only right now) I hope this site will be helpful to find the best conferences around you for learning, connecting to other designers and getting inspired. 🙏 Would love to hear what you think of this and if there is anything you would love to see added! - Marcel __________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S. In true indie maker fashion, the backend of this site is still a Google Sheet and the frontend one PHP/HTML/JavaScript file of about 800 lines.
Hey This list has missed out some great conferences in Asia: UX India (Sometime in October 2019, dates TBD) - DesignUp (Sometime in Late 2019, dates TBD) -
@ncresq Awesome, thanks for showing me these, will add them in a couple of hours 🙂
@mvremmerden Sure thing man. This is a really cool list. All the best!
@ncresq Just noticed that you mentioned the dates are not fixed yet. In the current layout, I can only include conferences with a date right now. Just send me a message as soon as you know the dates, and I will make sure to add them directly :)
Thanks for making this! I would love to see a tag for conferences that are accepting call for papers 😊
@nirbenita Oh, great idea! Will totally keep that in mind, thank you 👍
Great! I've been looking for something like this. 🙌
@robbdiazz Awesome, hope you find it helpful! Let me know if there are any other filters you might need.
nice one! really helpful, and good price filter haha
@graeme_fulton Thank you so much 🙂