Design+Code 2

Design and code a Swift 4 app using Sketch 40+ and Xcode 9.

Hello Product Hunt!

I've spent the last 5 months on this iOS app that would essentially be the book itself, and also be that app that you learn to design and code in Swift 4! My passion has always been to teach designers how to code and use Sketch.

Feel free to ask me anything!


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Hello Product Hunters! We're absolutely stoked to be nominated for the Golden Kitty Awards (!) among such great products! I think this is a good opportunity to share about the technologies we used to make this product since we're going to teach all of it in the book. We've worked really hard to ensure that the content that we write about cover the entire flow of creating an entire app, from start to finish. Web - We migrated from Angular to React this year. As a designer, I wanted to simplify the process of learning React so I went with create-react-app: - SCSS for the styling. As a team, we're now looking at ways to organize it so we can teach the cleanest way possible to do the styling. - Stripe Elements, which allowed us to design and style the payment flow. It was built from the ground up. - VisualCode as the code editor. iOS - Xcode 9 and Swift 4 as the main tool. The whole process was pretty much explained in Chapter 3 and 4. - Realm for the database. - Spring for the Designable Views, like rounded corners, Gradients, and animations. - Ambience for implementing Dark Mode. Design - Sketch app for designing the iOS app and website. - Abstract for version control. Content and Video - Ulysses for writing. We use External folders to sync with Dropbox. - Screenflow for recording the screen. - AfterEffects for more complex video presentations. - Skitch for screenshots. Team - Zenhub for project management. - Slack for communication. - Dropbox for file sharing. Always super open to trying new tools to be included in the book, so feel free to share yours! Thank you again for nominating us – we look forward to write about new content like React, ARKit, iOS 12, Android and new design tools coming out soon! Meng
@mengto Love everything, what Meng & team are doing 🎉 🎉 🎉
@lisadziuba Thanks Lisa, congrats on being a runners-up maker of the year.
@mengto I'm very proud to get this award)))