Design Challenge

Challenges that test the process & creativity of designers

A collection of design challenges created to test the process and creativity of any designer. The challenges can be used, taken, and modified in any way by anybody; whether it’s a design recruiter, a mentor, or someone who just wants a challenge.

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Hey @lukejones, This is a fun take on design. What made you want to build this as a test? Is your main goal to give insight to the designer, or see how everyone stacks up against each other?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, thanks for responding! The intention is for people to use the design challenges privately. So it’s a resource to find these challenges as opposed to any kind of spec work. I’m mentoring somebody at the moment – one thing I like to do when I’m mentoring is send across a design challenge to them with constraints to help critique the way they think, their processes, and the execution. It’s also common to ask candidates for a job to do these challenges to understand their thought processes, research methods, and how they execute design. This is often paid work, so the candidate gets like $400 for a few hours of time, even if they don’t get the job. This experience is what made me want to create a public place to share these to help mentors, design managers, and individuals test their skills. At some point there _might_ be a showcase / critique section, but we’ll see.
@jacqvon @lukejones Firstly, great addition to the resources out there to help build up design skills! I like how these challenges have briefs that read like they could easily be real-world ones. I think to get to the next level, there would _have_ to be a critiquing component. It's very difficult to improve without that feedback. That said, I can see this tool being used by other design mentors/teachers to challenge their students and provided one-on-one critiques. This would work for people who are lucky enough to have a mentor, but sort of leaves everyone else on their own. All the same, neat tool!
@jacqvon @alirtariq You’re right, and perhaps I should figure out a ‘looking for a mentor?‘ or ‘looking for feedback?‘ feature that pushes people towards another platform in those scenarios :-). I worry that including critique / sharing designs on this would complicate the easy and open functionality a little right now.
@jacqvon @lukejones sounds like a fair compromise!

Fantastic work Luke!


Clean, smart, and most of all: practical!



I love this. I just started a 30 day design challenge (UI/UX) and this pops up in my feed!
@double_are That’s so cool Darrius, would love to know how that challenge goes (have followed you on Twitter). Also if you come up with any good challenges, let’s figure out how to get them on the site :-)
Cool! This will be great for people who need side projects!
@wesselgrift That’s been a great unintentional feature of this site – I’ve already had people get in touch saying they’re building the products.
Isn't this exactly what Daily UI did?
@rdev No, not at all. Daily UI are just daily prompts to design purely visual components, whereas these are fully briefed projects that challenge you with a problem to solve and constraints to boot.