Design Assets Cloud for Sketch

The easiest way to share and use a Sketch design library

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Thanks for hunting us, @chrismessina! We're excited to launch our new cloud-connected plugin on Product Hunt. Here's a quick product video: Our goal is to help designers work better together, and scale their work across their team and organization. The plugin provides a deep integration with Sketch, so you can use shared symbols, colors, and text styles from familiar native Sketch UI. The Sketch plugin is part of something bigger. provides tools and integrations to share your visual language across your entire organization. Let us know your thoughts!
Seems the offer has already expired?
@bentossell Updated! The offer is valid through August for anyone who upgrades from a free account to a premium account.
How does this compare to Lingo from the noun project? Obviously there's actual sketch integration but it's still just a panel that pops out so is it really that different?
@itsthisjustin It is. I'll highlight a few key differences: 1. The cloud syncs Sketch symbols. These linked objects are the building blocks of a pattern library. also syncs text styles, another important building block in a design system. By supporting symbols and shared text styles, allows you update a document as design changes with a single click, instead of having to manually change every instance of an image or text. In the long run, this provides tremendous productivity gains. 2. You don't have to use the panel as you design. lets you pull symbols, colors, and text styles directly to their native place in Sketch UI with a click, so you can keep doing things the way you're used to. 3. If you do use the panel, you can do more than drag and drop images. You can paint objects simply by clicking a color in the panel. You can drag and drop styled text snippets and start editing text in its intended format. 4. Outside of Sketch, offers an API to consume your design library in multiple formats - JSON, Sass, iOS, Android, and more. As you change styles in Sketch and upload to the cloud, developers can use the API to pull the change into their codebase just as they would pull in a change in code. This helps your team get from design to production faster, with less 'lost in translation' errors.