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Desentra is a crypto education platform with bite-size courses (~15 min) divided into categories based on knowledge levels. We are redeveloping crypto education with courses that can be taken on with any level of knowledge, at any place, and from any device.
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Hi, I'm Roman, the founder of Desentra. Desentra has been in the works for a couple of months now and I'm super excited to share it with everyone. The concept of Desentra is to give the necessary pieces of information at the right time according to the level of students' knowledge. Problem: I noticed that more and more people are expressing interest and are getting involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The problem is that crypto is not a simple piece of technology that anyone can understand with a short explanation. I was among the thousands of others who were learning on forums, chats and blog posts. The problem is that you have to be really passionate about the technology to keep digging and improving your understanding in this way. Solution: At Desentra we created short courses with the perfect combination of theoretical materials and practice tasks depending on your knowledge level. So if you are a beginner, you start with the info that will help you to get the idea of the scope of the technology and get guidance on how you can start using it. If you want to broaden the understanding you go step by step and learn more (Basics 1, 2, 3 ...). If you want a more in-depth understanding you go to the next level (Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert) to learn something that wouldn't make sense to learn if you are a newbie who doesn't want to learn the complicated stuff yet. Today, I am happy to announce the launch of the Basics section of Desentra. This is a section for beginners, looking to learn what is a cryptocurrency and how they can start using it. Features: 🔹 The bite-size courses. Students can complete courses during the lunch or a subway ride. 🔹 Categories for all knowledge levels, beginner to expert. 🔹 Progress focused structure. Courses are structured to gradually and consistently improve the progress in the industry. 🔹 Text formatted courses. Take courses anywhere on any device without any additional devices (e.g. headphones). 🔥 To mark the start of the project, Desentra is running a launch promo for all new users and is inviting anyone willing to sign up before July 1 to get access to three courses for free. Create a new account and send me an email to roman@ (remove space after "@") with the links to courses you wish to get free access to. 🔥 The first course is always free - Give it a try - I'd love to hear your feedback. I will be responding all day and look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Do you think Bitcoin will hit $20k in 2020 (now $9.7k)?
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Anastasia Vasilenkocreative person
Congrats on the launch @roman_vassilenko !
@mrsvasilenko thank you! :)
Ghennadii V.happy husband and future father
Talented developer- amazing idea! Success in the future @roman_vassilenko !!
@ghennadii_v_ thank you, I appreciate your words!
Congrats on the launch! Why do you think 15 min is enough to learn something
@bocman_manha thank you for the question! We believe that nowadays it is quite hard to allocate enough time to study something that requires many hours of learning. To be honest, when I started working on the project, I didn't have a goal in mind to limit courses to 15 minutes. Nevertheless, after I completed the materials for a couple of courses I realized that every subject can be fit in this timeframe without losing quality. And instead of inflating the courses with more topics, I decided to transfer the detailed and specific information into courses of different categories. We are not saying that you will learn everything in 15 mins, but you will get enough knowledge to understand the core information, use it in practice, and understand what to learn next.