gives a list of accounts you have over the Internet. It gives you instructions how to delete accounts you don't use.

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I'm afraid to test it :)
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@rotemthegolfer I just tested it with my spam email. You will get a list with all Accounts and then you have to chose if you want to keep it or add it to the delete queue.
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@rotemthegolfer It doesn't delete everything at once, you choose which ones you want to delete after you get a full list. :) (Regarding privacy, we built the app to run your computer and are using Google OAuth protocol for ultimate data security. It can't be more secure than that.)
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@wille_dahlbo cool! @phippuuuu - Thanks, my curiosity was killing me :)
Hello guys! Its awesome to be featured here, thanks @fritjofsson! We want to make it easier for you to control your internet presence. It’s like our good friend Erlich Bachman once said: "The ultimate control is the power of destruction". All feedback is golden. Rock on! 🤘
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@wille_dahlbo How do I remove things from my delete queue?
@angelofrancisco Just press 'Delete ⛔️' :)
@wille_dahlbo Is there a reason it asks permission to view/search email messages in my Gmail account?
@bscottx Its to index what accounts you have, though the app runs completely on your computer.
@wille_dahlbo @angelofrancisco press delete to not delete something? that sounds pretty counterintuitive
I really like the idea and tested it with an old gmail account I ditched some years ago. It found about 50 accounts and I selected nearly all of them. But then I realised it doesn't do anything automatically. It just provides you a to-do list with links to the services' account deletion page. It is a nice start to know where you still have all your old accounts but still there is too much manual work needed.
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@herrrhein man, we have a lazy society when clicking a few times is described as "too much manual labor"
@the_real_jw But clicking a few times x 100, its clicking A LOT!
@the_real_jw, @herrrhein is right. I tried it too and I was ok to go one by one and begin to delete things manually, but some of the accounts you have to log into in order to delete the accounts entirely. It's bloody tiring! Example: Delete Tumblr > login to Tumblr > Please use password you set up ages ago to approve this deletion > Oh, you don't remember that password? > Click forgot password link > Recover password > Log back in > Now, where were we? Oh, right .. delete account > Are you sure you want to delete account? > Yes > Please use password you reset to approve this deletion > 25 mins later you have now finally deleted you account > Now on to the next account Deseat me suggests > Ugh, forget it.
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@herrrhein I thought the same thing initially. It automates the process of going through Gmail to find likely Internet-service accounts associated with the given email address. That alone is helpful; I would opt to not create a list (and therefore not delete anything) if I had to scour my backlog of Gmails manually. The secondary value prop is that they have done the legwork to find the delete links, etc., making each account's removal process as simple as possible. If that's true, that's also a significant time saver. I would ask, though, if my assumption is correct--i.e., does it 'only' find accounts associated with Gmail? That would not remove me from the Internet by a long shot.
@alexabian @the_real_jw I stopped after 5, nothing deleted. A few clicks would be better then what it is now: * click to add to list * click to delete * click to goto site to delete * X clicks @ w/e site you goto, if there is even an option * click (or kb stroke) to close newly opend tab Could just click once, add to list = goto site to remove, bam, done.
I'm a bit disapointed. I sign-in with my google account then ... loading animation ... never ending ... error in app.js in the chrome console, nothing in safari ... Waiting 10-15min. Still nothing. How long is it supposed to be ?
@thibaultmilan I'm very sorry to hear that :( With a fast internet connection it should only take a few seconds, so obviously I screwed up somewhere. > error in app.js in the chrome console Could you post the error message? > nothing in safari Probably because of how Promise rejections are handled in Safari. Sadly it doesn't report anything :(
In firefox I have Cross Origin error. CORS header missing :/
@linusu Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined at at (native) at
@thibaultmilan Thank you! I'll get on it ASAP. Again, apologies for the problems...
@linusu @thibaultmilan Same here, the console shows: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined at at (native) at Using Opera 41
Avoid the NSA and go offline! Instantly get a list of all your accounts online, matched with direct links to delete them.