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Rotem Yakir — CEO/CTO Guggy - Fun-up Your Message
I'm afraid to test it :)
Pierre-Marie Galite — entrepreneur, mobile developer/advisor
Michael Sitver — Curator @ Morning Short, Commute Kit
@rotemthegolfer I'm with you there....
@rotemthegolfer I just tested it with my spam email. You will get a list with all Accounts and then you have to chose if you want to keep it or add it to the delete queue.
@rotemthegolfer It doesn't delete everything at once, you choose which ones you want to delete after you get a full list. :) (Regarding privacy, we built the app to run your computer and are using Google OAuth protocol for ultimate data security. It can't be more secure than that.)
Rotem Yakir — CEO/CTO Guggy - Fun-up Your Message
@wille_dahlbo cool!
@phippuuuu - Thanks, my curiosity was killing me :)
@wille_dahlbo @rotemthegolfer so you can see all data from account before deleting it?
@mikhail_ezhov @rotemthegolfer Just the fact that you are a user at the service, no specific data from the service itself.
Adheen Ajay — AI Engineer
@wille_dahlbo @rotemthegolfer How do I make sure that those accounts are deleted? Is there any way for that?
Luke Fitzpatrick — Founder of PayPress / Ghacklabs
@rotemthegolfer I couldn't resist myself from tweeting your comment :) (I think I'd be afraid too ... haha)
@rotemthegolfer I don't think that someone has done so yet. I'd like to see this work. 😄
@wille_dahlbo @rotemthegolfer How does it get all sites you have accounts with
Hello guys!

Its awesome to be featured here, thanks @fritjofsson!

We want to make it easier for you to control your internet presence. It’s like our good friend Erlich Bachman once said: "The ultimate control is the power of destruction".

All feedback is golden.

Rock on! 🤘
Angelo Francisco — Mobile Developer, Booky
@wille_dahlbo How do I remove things from my delete queue?
@wille_dahlbo Is there a reason it asks permission to view/search email messages in my Gmail account?
@bscottx Its to index what accounts you have, though the app runs completely on your computer.
Tom Bielecki — Cofounder, PrintToPeer
@wille_dahlbo @angelofrancisco press delete to not delete something? that sounds pretty counterintuitive
Willow Bellemore — iOS Developer
@tombielecki @wille_dahlbo @angelofrancisco "Remove from Queue" would be better.
Hanna Xu — Designer at Gfycat
@wille_dahlbo Tried it with a small account. But I noticed no way to delete my deseat me account after trying it. A bit odd that a site used to help delete accounts cannot easily delete the account.
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