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Text-based audio editor and automated transcription


Descript is the world’s first audio word processor. Get fast, accurate transcriptions - and then edit audio by editing text. Descript is a toolkit of superpowers for people that work with voice audio.

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Founder of Newtrust

I am producing a podcast for Slate on a small budget, with a 2 person team. I would not have taken this on without access to Descript. It has made a stressful chore, an enjoyable endeavour - it frees your inner artist by removing monotony.


Truly a bicycle for the mind. Let's one person do what required a team to do before.


Can't think of any


I will be using this program extensively to transcribe my podcasts and video lectures. I can see this as a game changer. Love the fact that I can take out all the verbal miscues and know where they are by word or phrase. Bravo!


Great product. I clipped a portion of an iPhone taped lecture and threw it into the program. Worked quickly and accurately. Very helpful.


More extensive help files would be nice. But that will come with time.

Host and Founder, Environment China

It's a new product, so there are still some kinks with the software that the Descript team is working out, but Andrew Mason, the CEO, has been extremely responsive with customer service.


Descript has helped my team save time transcribing audio and piecing together audio clips in a manageable and approachable way.


(As of February, 2017) Descript is still only available for english audio and for Mac users, though this will hopefully change soon.

Founder. Optimist. Author. Educator.
Great concept; however, doesn't allow you to create a sample without charging. It claims you have three projects, but in reality, you don't get to try this out without being charged which is very, very frustrating. I would like to try before I buy- that's only reasonable. There's no customer support.
Product Designer @Lookback
Just did an hour long interview over Zoom and just dropped the file on Descript and my word! 🔥🔥🔥 This product just transcribed different English dialects 🙌 Pure genius! Thanks @andrewmason and team!
Best app I've discovered on Product Hunt. I love how you can automatically remove uh's and uhm's with the click of a button. I'm a new customer and super exited to use this.
Such a gorgeous product. Why Google and Amazon such a dinosaur still stand behind in distance? They seem to don't want to show or progress. Does it use a custom engine? Or partially rely on other voice engine whether open-source or commercial?
Cofounder of Bramble and Artery
Love your product! Changed my entire podcast workflow