Get the portrait mode effect on any photo using AI

Use ML to automatically add background blur like "portrait mode" to any photo. Yes, *any image* captured from any platform like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. It can be a screenshot or any old photo you found.
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This is dope and it actually works really well!
@p_holla glad you liked it!
Great job!! Let me check and then voice my opinion in it
@ayush_chandra thank you, absolutely!
So far OK. The ML is actually finding people in the photo (or objects) and blurring around the people. So in cases where you have background people (or objects) from the object is focus, it blurs around them as well. May be there should be an option to have the foreground object in focus only.
@chakkaradeep Good point! i'll this in a following update to "ignore" objects
Works great ๐Ÿ‘ on my iPhone. Great job. Super easy to use with great results!
@lostcartridge glad you liked it! Consider leaving a review on the AppStore too if it works well for you :)