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Deploy from your repository to your server in minutes.


DeployHQ is a service to automate the deployment of your websites or apps directly from your repository to servers or the cloud.

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Senior Experience Designer, nclud

Integrates with Slack, supports multiple configuration templates, and it works as a continuous deployment bridge through webhooks (or scheduling).


As a designer this has helped me just press the 'Launch' button without worrying about something technical going wrong.


Some of the settings are buried a few levels deep, but the excellent documentation ameliorates this.


I can't let you guys have control over administration and deletation of my repos.. It's a big NO GO for me, but I like the main purpose and the idea. Gimme an heads up when the permissions level is solved.


Probably easy to use, seems nice!


Ask for too much permissions

Unfortunately, places like GitHub don't offer fine grained permissions for things like this. However, you can configure things manually which means you only need to give us access to the repos you want to deploy - you just give us the repository URL and we give you a public key to add as a deployment key.
Technical Co-founder, Campayn

I've been using them for years now and am very happy with the service. We have it set up to auto-deploy on changes in some case, and it emails us if there are issues. They recently added a "build" step too.

Nice server/script templating tools as well, so you can set up multiple projects easily. We also use Jenkins in parallel with this, and DeployHQ is a lot easier to setup and maintain, as well as being a lot less finnicky than Jenkins.

It auto-deploys to specific "servers" based on changes on specific branches (ie master or staging), emails us if there are issues, posts to a "deployment" channel in Slack, and is a breeze to set up compared to some alternatives.


Good automation options, templating, integrations, documentation and support. Also affordable.


Bigger deployments (ie, first deployment on new server) take longer than expected