A simple app for deploying your code anywhere easily.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Sweet! The folks at Wildbit are a good bunch (they're the people behind Postmark as well).
Cool! Wildbit just announced a relaunch of Dploy as DeployBot. I used Dploy on several projects and I have to say I love it. Makes it super easy to deploy new versions of your webapp from bitbucket, github, etc. directly to your server. If it's as good as Dploy, I highly recommend it!
@gregoiregilbert this is everything you mentioned loving about Dploy, but with a big new feature. We call it Build Tools, and you can use it to build and prepare your code for deployment on our infrastructure. You can set the level of complexity (or simplicity) to fit your needs.
Upvoted it, loved the idea but price is just too high. I think I'll stick to my shell scripts for time being. Keep up good work
Does this also do the initial server setup, like installing Nginx, node, npm, etc. or is this only for deploying code to a server that you have setup already? Hard to tell from the website.
Loved your mascot a lot.! ;) BTW The pricing jumps from free to 15$ a month and indie developers like me find it hard to pay such amounts just to use one more repo. But overall its simple and easy to use :)