Deploy, build and ship your code anywhere easily.

DeployBot makes deployment simpler, faster and easier without the added complexity of a full Continuous Integration system. It creates a straightforward and consistent process to deploy code anywhere with integrations or open interface protocols, like sftp.
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*TLDR: Try DeployBot now with 10 free deployments. See end of the comment!* Hi product hunters, Lars from the DeployBot team here. DeployBot is a web-based CI/CD tool aimed at single developers as well as larger teams. We’re here to make your deployments and releases easier, so let me introduce you to a few DeployBot features: * Connects to Git repositories (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or self-hosted). * Manual deployments for production environments (trigger it when you're ready). * Automatic deployments for staging environments (deploy every push to a Git branch). * Builds your code (using our pre-defined or custom Docker containers). * Fetches dependencies like NPM or Composer during deployment in the container. * Runs shell scripts on your own servers (before, after, or during deployment). * Deploys your changes to services like AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku, or Shopify. * Uploads your files to your own server(s) or a Content Delivery Network (CDN). * Notifies you via email, Slack, or Campfire. * Helps you to analyze deployments' performance with third-party integrations, like New Relic and Bugsnag. With DeployBot there is no need to manually track changes and upload files. Also, if anything goes wrong, it's easy to quickly roll-back a problematic release. Working in a team? Then you'll probably like the automatic sharing of release notes to keep everyone in the loop. On top of that, DeployBot lets you manage permissions for your team and clients. Let us know your thoughts and wishes below. We're happy to listen to your feedback and chat! Try DeployBot for free NOW -> If you're wondering why we haven't been active here for so long: We have focused on our product for the last few years and are now starting to be more active again.
Justin Jackson
Sweet! The folks at Wildbit are a good bunch (they're the people behind Postmark as well).
Berk TanerCo-Founder @PathPlug
Upvoted it, loved the idea but price is just too high. I think I'll stick to my shell scripts for time being. Keep up good work
Greg Gilbert
I make products and run companies.
Cool! Wildbit just announced a relaunch of Dploy as DeployBot. I used Dploy on several projects and I have to say I love it. Makes it super easy to deploy new versions of your webapp from bitbucket, github, etc. directly to your server. If it's as good as Dploy, I highly recommend it!
Shane RiceMarketer, Wildbit
@gregoiregilbert this is everything you mentioned loving about Dploy, but with a big new feature. We call it Build Tools, and you can use it to build and prepare your code for deployment on our infrastructure. You can set the level of complexity (or simplicity) to fit your needs.
Harsha Halvi
Product Manager
Loved your mascot a lot.! ;) BTW The pricing jumps from free to 15$ a month and indie developers like me find it hard to pay such amounts just to use one more repo. But overall its simple and easy to use :)
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