Depict 2.0

Art collections for your digital canvas

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On the eve of Electric Objects shutting down, Depict 2.0 is back with a new subscription-based model! Very curious how the economics work out here... given that the price of Frame has come down to $899.
@chrismessina , thanks for the post and looking into our new offering! Been too long since I last saw you. Lots new and exciting at Depict! We have made some huge improvements in design and manufacturing that enabled us to deliver a better Frame experience at a significantly lower price. We wanted to make sure that our beautiful collection was more accessible, so we are now delivering it in subscription form.
I'm a proud backer of Depict and can't wait to get the frames up on my wall! I encourage everyone even remotely interested in art to check this out -- the prototypes Kim and her amazing team showed me looked *amazing*
@lars_rasmussen thanks, Lars! We cannot wait to get Frames on your wall either! Coming your way so soon!