Stay on top of keeping your Rails app up-to-date

Depfu continuously updates your dependencies one gem at a time and creates a pull request with all the info you need. You stay in control.

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Hi hunters, We are very excited to be here, thanks for hunting us @__tosh. Building developer tooling was one of the things I enjoyed the most at previous jobs and together with @halfbyte I wanted to bring that passion to a bigger audience. Updating dependencies has always been a struggle in pretty much all companies I’ve worked at. It’s so easily pushed aside for more visible work. Until you get that one security vulnerability in a dependency or you want to use a new feature and have to update pretty much all your dependencies at the same time because you’re so behind. What we’ve seen with early customers like dnsimple is that the real value of Depfu is introducing a continuous process for upgrading dependencies. We make it super easy to stay up-to-date with very detailed pull requests that give you all the info you need to make an informed decision. Turns out that like continuous deployment, doing smaller changes all the time is easier and safer than falling behind and having to upgrade a lot of gems at once. 🎁 Depfu is free for public repos and you can try it on private repos for 21 days to get a feel for it. And as a special offer for PH, if you start your trial today we’ll give you 1 month for free! 🙏 Looking forward to hearing your feedback and the questions you might have!
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Congrats on the launch – it looks great. I've a friend who has been trialling an early version and he only had positive things to say. What are your future plans? Will you be supporting more languages?
@chopeh thanks Pete! It's definitely on the roadmap, but for now we're really focusing on Ruby to make that as nice as we possibly can. There are a lot of small gotchas with each language to make something like Depfu work. We both have a lot of experience with Ruby and been part of the community for a long time, so that's what we're starting with.
This looks very useful! What will happen when I enable Depfu on a really old, outdated Rails app?
@davitferreira I’m not gonna lie, bringing an old codebase up-to-date is never easy and we can only help you so much. What we do is this: we will look at all outdated gems and sort them by their semantic version difference. We start with all patch level updates, then minor updates and lastly major updates. The idea behind that is that patch level updates are usually easier to apply. At all times you’ll never have more than 7 pull requests from Depfu open. We don’t want to overwhelm you since it really doesn’t help to have 50+ PRs about updates. This means you can work your way through the updates at your own pace. We see customers getting more out of Depfu quicker if they are already reasonably up-to-date. But we also had customers where enabling Depfu triggered an initial effort to bring everything up-to-date and since then they’re happily merging our PRs.