Dependency CI

Continuous testing for your application's dependencies

Dependency CI automatically analyses your dependencies after every commit, it checks the status, licenses and security of every library you depend upon as soon as you push to GitHub.

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I love this idea. I once spent 3 months negotiating with IBM legal about using an open source library entirely developed by… IBM. I quit before the library was approved. Point is: there's a huge pain in this area for every company but most don't have the awareness or legal resources of IBM to do the appropriate due diligence.
Hi Product Hunters I’ve been working on Dependency CI along with, the service that powers it, in my spare time for the past few months, it’s great to finally get it out into the real world. Dependency CI works like Travis CI but for the dependencies of your application, checking them for license and status issues every time you push to GitHub. I've written a up a post on medium with more details: It’s 100% free for open source projects and there’s a 14 day free trial for checking private github repositories too. I want to build something that’s really useful to software developers everywhere, would love to hear your thoughts & suggestions, you can also email me
@teabass Woooo congrats. Added to ShareMeow. Works great.
@teabass What's the most common issue you see dependencyci catching for people?
@mscccc one of the most important things people discover is how many of their dependencies don't have an open source license, which technically means they are not allowed to use it at all! I've seen a number of early beta users reaching out to the maintainers of those libraries and encouraging them to add a license to their project which is awesome as it strengthens the whole open source ecosystem.
This is super awesome and necessary as software becomes an increasingly complicated mess of dependencies. Nice job Andrew!