Automated dependency updates for Ruby and JavaScript

Dependabot makes keeping your Ruby, Python, JavaScript and PHP dependencies up to date easy.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Very cool, I love automation. Can you say something about how this is different from greenkeeper (except greenkeeper being only javascript)? Also, since it is semi-related, but admittedly still a completely shameless plug: if anyone is looking for the same for php (composer) dependencies :) Keep up the good work!
Harry from Dependabot here. Any questions - just ask.
Can I see a walk through video for it ?
Why is it locked to yarn, seems an odd choice?

Changed the way we did dependency updates at GoCardless to be much more iterative. Went from monthly dependency update sessions that were grim to deploy to spending 2 minutes each morning reviewing dependency update PRs and always being up-to-date.


Easy to set up, and then just quietly does its job


No Go support yet