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Simple and useful. It just needs a launch countdown, or you can use Launch Clock. 😀
@rrhoover Great idea. Added to update list :)
@yuzool is this still alive? link is 404
@_rsamuelson Thanks for letting me know! Departure Web Checklist got moved to https://www.pulsecms.com/tools/d... @pulse_cms
@yuzool it's half down now...it looks like assets went missing my friend :)
I like it. Right out of Checklist Manifesto. Bravo!
@steven_rushing thanks for that - never heard of that book but will check it out: http://atulgawande.com/book/the-... Thanks!
Now that's a tool I have been looking for! Good idea.
Thanks @aaronmckeehan and hope it's useful :)
what a clean look and nice concept (Y)