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@Mark__a We both are search services. We also have an Algolia type search that is powered by our API (Push data, search). But whats interesting here is that we also have a built-in crawler and a JS plugin that virtually makes it super easy to install Denote on a site. So no coding required.
Curious how this compares to Algolia -- seems similar at first blush.
thanks a lot @HamishBrock for the post. I am the CEO of @DenoteSearch and along with @rezabashash will be here to answer any question. also as a token of appreciation we are offering a 30% discount to all ProductHunt community. here is the coupon: HUNT-DENOTE30 (good until end of August)
CTO & Founder of Denote here. Glad that we are trending on ProductHunt. Shoot us any questions you have