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Been using Denarri for my holiday shopping, and it’s saved me a ton of time and found me some awesome deals. Pretty much does all the work for you, all you do is tell it what you’re shopping for, and it curates the best matches and notifies when it finds new ones.
Thanks for the hunt @erikfinman, and hello Product Hunters! I’ve been buying and selling online for about 13 years (started at the ripe old age of 10). As I’m sure many here have experienced, I frequently have friends and family asking me to find them good deals on tech items they’re in the market for. Based on their feedback, their reliance on me stemmed from the fact that online/mobile shopping involved too many steps, overwhelmed them with tons of results they had to sift through, and didn’t effectively keep them in the loop when new matches were found. My vision is a marketplace that learns your preferences as you use it, so each shopping session is faster than the last. One where you’re notified when new items are found according to how important they are to you, so you never miss out on a deal but don’t get buried in notifications if you're not in a rush. Over the past several months, I taught myself how to code, built the first iOS app, and called it Denarri! Looking forward to chatting with everyone and learning about how I can make this the best shopping experience. This first phase focuses on the buying aspect, and sources items from 3rd parties, Phase 2 will introduce selling functionality. As a thank you to the early adopters on PH, use the promo code ProductHunt when signing up to get 6 months of fee-free selling! Every friend who signs up with your username in the promo code field gets you both another 6 months of fee-free selling on top of that.
@erikfinman @ghobs91 Brilliant stuff Andrew :) love the inspiration behind the you guys have an API? Public or private. I want this for my app desperately especially for my Chinese users who spend an average of 3 hours a day browsing mostly shopping.
@erikfinman @ghobs91 Really looking forward to trying this! Great idea.
@ghobs91 very cool. Is there ever someone on the back end or is it strictly algorithm based?
@m1lesv The matching system and personalization engine are algorithm based, with some occasional human intervention whenever things need tweaking. My goal is for it to fully automate the entire process, from matching buyers to the right item, to handling shipping for the seller.
@ghobs91 makes perfect sense thanks man. i was curious to see if we can partner in regards to Katana :)
Very cool! Just installed and added the Flir One thermal imaging iPhone case to my watchlist which is ridiculously hard to get in Germany. Is there a way to set the country in which the item must become available? Looking forward to updates. Looks like a huge time saver!
@taptanium Many of the items can be shipped internationally, so that shouldn't be a problem. I am however, working on factoring more precise location data into the matching system, so that sellers who are much closer will be matched with buyers.